Thursday, 26 July 2012

Limited Earlybird Tickets Go On Sale for T In The Park 2013 Festival

Just when the T In The Park ended up for the year 2012, the festival organizers instantly disclosed that limited  earlybird tickets for T in the Park 2013 are sold out.

The festival which is going to celebrate its 20th Anniversary next year, with limited earlybird allocation of tickets going on sale at 9am on Friday July 13 at 2012 prices.

Festival director Geoff Ellis said: “We’re thrilled that the T in the Park 2013 earlybird ticket allocation has sold out - it’s great to know that our audience are as excited as we are about our 20th year celebrations.

“Given the current economic climate, we introduced the £50 deposit offer to help fans guarantee their place in the crowd at T in the Park 2013 and we’re pleased that this has proved so successful.”

He added: “Those who missed out will have another chance to get their tickets when we release another batch of tickets pre-Christmas.”

George Kyle, head of sponsorship for Tennent’s Lager, said: “Tennent’s Lager has been the T in the T in the Park since it began, and we’re incredibly proud to be approaching the 20th year of our founding partnership with the festival.

“It’s fantastic to see that anticipation is already building, and here at Tennent’s we can’t wait to celebrate T in the Park’s 20th year with the fans - it will be a very special occasion.”

Next year’s T in the Park will take place from Friday 12 to Sunday July 14.

Friday, 28 October 2011

T In The Park festival 19th will be held in Balado

For Scotland's biggest music festival in December in a limited number of tickets will go on general release, it has been announced.

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T In The Park festival 19th will be held over the weekend of 6-8 July in Balado, near Kinross.

According to organisers, tickets will available for sale on 2nd December at 9am.

An initial batch of tickets already sold, directly after this year's festival, which featured Beyonce, Coldplay and Foo Fighters.

The remaining tickets will go on next year's early general release.

Geoff Ellis, festival director, said: "Plans for 2012 are already well under way here and once again we are securing some of the finest acts on the planet to perform before the world's most passionate music fans.

"The time is now to secure tickets to the 2012 festival."

Thursday, 27 October 2011

T In the Park tickets will go on sale on Dec. 2

T In the Park tickets will go on sale on Dec. 2 at 9.00 a.m.

Ticket prices are not yet available but usually somewhere in the past for £ 195 was £ 77.50, depending on whether you buy single day or weekend passes.

Camping with a full range of generally available on. Vodafone VIP customers and T Lady subscribers get a special pre-sale that starts before Dec. 2.

Festival Director Geoff Ellis said, "Plans for 2012 are already well underway here and once again we are securing some of the finest acts on the planet to perform before the world’s most passionate music fans".

T In The Park is one of the largest festivals in the U.K., a two-day home for up to 60,000 people in the Scottish.

120 artists performing across 8 stages over 2 days in Balado, Kinross. T in the Park has become known as the Scottish counterpart to Ireland's Oxegen Festival.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Deadmau5 at this year's T in the Park

A festival-goer has been told that he put in danger during a set of fans waving a flare-up can be jailed by Deadmau5 at T in the Park in this year.

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DJ midway through his act when Scott Woodward light they fly away as a result is produced.

The 22-year-old, of Ashgrove, Dumfries, admitted having the flare at the festival in Balado on 10 July.

The sheriff asked him with a crime, "reached the custodial threshold".

The court heard that a large number of people fly away from the surrounding area, which was pumping red smoke, it took three minutes to burn out.

Fiscal depute John Malpass said about the Festival, such actions were a clear warning.

He said, "A message was put on the large screens to say anyone lighting flares would be liable to be prosecuted".

"The organisers even took the step of putting it on their Facebook page to say flares were banned from any part of the venue."

The court was told how members of security became aware of a flare in the crowd and then saw Woodward on another person's shoulders carrying it.

Mr Malpass added: "It was in a heavily congested area of the crowd. He was approximately 50 feet from the stage.

"It caused numerous persons directly in front of the accused to move away."

The court heard the incident had been recorded on CCTV and security staff entered the crowd and managed to trace Woodward.

Solicitor Billy Somerville, defending, said: "It is the type of flare which is used when persons are in distress at sea and can be purchased without any licence.

"He accepts he was there and someone, one of his friends, handed him the flare.

"It was lit for around three minutes - obviously if it was dropped there is a high temperature involved and people could be injured."

'Very frightening'

Sheriff Robert McCreadie said there was a wider issue of crowd control which had "potentially serious consequences".

"That was in the mind of the organisers when they explicitly banned the use of such items," he said.

"A crowd can be very frightening indeed if it moves in an unexpected way.

"It is not simply a stupid man holding up a flare in direct defiance of what he was told.

"It is an offence against public order and has reached the custodial threshold."

Saturday, 16 July 2011

T In The Park headline Clydesdale rockers MakethisRelate

More than 70,000 music lovers on the weekend rock festival in 2011 is being run with some of the biggest names descended on the T in the Park.

But other also including featyres are Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, Foo Fighters and Beady Eye, local rockers MakethisRelate were having the time of their lives playing the Red Bull Bedroom Jam tent on Saturday afternoon.

The biggest gig boys playing in the festival thanks to a series after winning the Red Bull is played.

And drummer Danny Kelly, joined in the band by bassist Aidan Scott, lead guitarist David McEarlane and frontman Kevin Walls, was delighted with how the gig went, especially as it completed a busy weekend for the band having played the Sonisphere Festival the night before.

He said: “The whole weekend was incredible. We played Sonisphere on the Friday night and got a much bigger turnout than what we expected and it was great to be part of it.

“At T we played a 2,000 capacity tent and filled most of it.

“When we were backstage we got talking to the guys from Jimmy Eat World and we gave them a couple of CDs and they said that we were really good.

“It was good to get some feedback from some of the top boys.”

Tayside Police Choir at T in the Park 2011 - Video

Many hope the band performing in the T in the Park to catch their big break is seen. Choir took matters into their own hands, but Tayside Police is to receive this year.

Why we love T In The Park in 2011?

Now here we reveal some ten reasons that why we love T In The Park in 2011

1. Jarvis Cocker news in the final month of his prose. In a ceremony set the stage for a new reform leadership pulp, angular frontman red top in their unique way to wave goodbye to the writhing dance takes off.

2. Beyonce take a stand for all women. What appeared dressed in sparkly swimsuit, the woman with the biggest hair in the known universe terrified every red-blooded male in the crowd by encouraging a mass sing-along, accessorized with pointed hand-waving. “If you liked then you shoulda put a ring on it…”

3. Balado's grand moment ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ because of the opening stress is a collective piece. Looking almost as leathery as his hat, Slash reminds us all just how many of rocks greatest licks he’s got in the back pocket of those skin-tight black trousers.

4. Stroke better than the crowd is fun. “So, this is like a big rock show”, jowly Julian Casablancas drawls, as I thought it was for. “Just play the hits!” Back Glaswegian wag hollers. A stern, judging from ‘Last Night’ the boy had a point.

5. 85,000 indefatigable spirit is shining through the rain and mud and wet to take out the other side smiling. He's a Scottish sheep and lemon make lemonade, they strongly downpours of biblical proportions and it will make mud bath - if the boat.

6. Tasty alternatives to burger vans and lager. Falafel, hog roasts and traditional stovies fill bellies and fortify revellers ready for more action, whilst the Kraken rum tent’s delicious cocktails are so popular that on occasion it is impossible to get in the door.

7. Taking a punt on something new. Sometimes it feels like every year T grows more little venues around its sprawling site. Away from the main stages there are gems to be found for the intrepid. This year’s fortuitous find comes in the form of Aberdeen purveyors of ‘distorted pop’ The Xerts on the BBC Introducing stage.

8. Top notch golden oldies. Always a mixed bag, T in the Park 2011 has a mighty line-up of acts of a certain vintage. 71-year-old silver fox Tom Jones musters Friday’s biggest sing-along with ‘Delilah’, whilst Debbie Harry’s cheekbones – and tongue – are still razor sharp at 66. Leading Blondie in platinum wig and white miniskirt, she’s everyone’s favourite tearaway punk of pensionable age.

9. Rivers Cuomo’s T spirit. Weezer’s geeky singer laughs in the face of the darkening clouds, wrapping himself in a bright yellow T poncho and immediately ingratiating himself with his dripping audience. That he followed the gesture with a solid set of the band’s hits and a sparkling cover of Radiohead’s Paranoid Android’ is really just a bonus.

10. Spectacular stadium rock. While Coldplay struggled to lift Saturday night, seeming flat after the sparkling MRS Jay-Z, Foo Fighters show that nobody does expansive, air-punching outdoor live experiences like the Yanks. Thanks to the ever-grinning Dave Grohl, Sunday night is party night and the festival ends with a headbanging shot of pure adrenaline.